rose geranium.

for me, this has been the summer of rose geranium. we grow it on the farm where i work and it's been used with equal enthusiasm in flower bouquets and fruit jams. i can't get enough of it. it's lovely. sweet and fragrant and not nearly as expensive as the rose it smells like.

in an effort to surround myself with its sweet scent for as long as possible, i took a bunch home last week and set to work on making an essential oil and an exfoliating salt scrub. just the sorts of thing i'll need to keep my spirits up as the days get shorter.

while the oil sits on my windowsill, steeping, i thought i'd share a recipe {of sorts} for the salt scrub: 

rose geranium sea salt scrub 

1/2 cup (or so) sea salt
1/2 cup (or so) grapeseed oil
a generous handful chopped rose geranium

pour sea salt in your preferred jar, enough to fill it. add grapeseed oil to salt until thoroughly wetted. {if you prefer, you can substitute olive or jojoba oil}. to stir, dump the mixture into a small mixing bowl and add a large handful of your chopped and bruised geranium leaves. if you're not convinced you'll use the scrub quickly, you might consider adding dried leaves which have less risk of molding. truth be told though, you're going to want to slather yourself in this scrub every chance you get, so i'm not sure the drying bit is necessary.

once mixed, put the mixture back into the original jar. tighten your lid and then use with wild abandon as soon as possible.

{a caveat, equally important for those living with a partner and those living without one: make sure the tub is well rinsed after using. you only thought a banana peel was slippery. this stuff is the real deal. rinse and repeat}.
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