Monday, August 29, 2011

squash blossoms: a story.

squash blossom 1squash blossom 2squash blossom 3
soft and rumply and gone before you know it.

and that last bit? that's the best part about eating with the seasons. participating in the fleeting wonder of a tiny moment. the squash blossoms, the knobby heirloom tomatoes, the sugar baby watermelons--we'll have them all again, but in just a few weeks the next time will be a long way off.

james has been working for a farmer who drives down from his place on the hudson river to sell in fort greene. weekly boxes of squash blossoms have been only one of the perks.  we've been eating the blossoms in our salads, sauteed with sweet corn and folded into quesadillas, melted down into fresh summer pasta sauces. we haven't fried them yet. but soon. and then poof. they'll be gone as quickly as they came and we'll be on to enjoying the next best thing.
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

rosa rugosa and other things.

rose hip
slipper shells
beach, tuxis island
rose hips
we spent the past two days at my parents' house, soaking up late august goodness. fools will tell you summer is slipping away, but anyone who knows anything knows that things are really just getting good.  

rosa rugosa--probably the first latin plant name i learned, and among the few i've had the ability to retain. must be something about the way it rolls off the tongue. at this time of year, the bright pink flowers have shriveled away, leaving the fruit of the rose hip to ripen in the august sun. if you have the good fortune of walking by a rose hip-covered dune in next few weeks, breathe in deeply. one whiff will have you bliss-bound.

and if you overhear anyone grumbling about summer's end, remind them of your friend erin because tonight she painted her toenails red, rubbed aloe vera on a sunburn, and ate roasted tomatoes 'til her stomach ached. if that doesn't say summer, i don't know what does.
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Friday, August 5, 2011

my week in objects (mostly).

1. these peanuts.
{because they were boiled. i think technically these are from last week. but my weeks have a way of running into each other lately. so there's no telling}.

2. this novel.
{because there's nothing quite so luxurious as reading a novel in the evening after work}.

3. this daytime picnic.
perfect day
{because we managed to find a cool spot on a hot day. and because it meant daytime novel reading. perhaps an even greater luxury than post-work novel reading. the jury's out}.

4 . this dusky picnic.picnic
{because it made up for an unexpectedly long day of work. also, two picnics in one week is mighty nice}.

5. these keys.
{because they don't share the most beautiful spot in the apartment, but they're nice reminders that i carpooled up to the farm twice this week}.
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Monday, August 1, 2011

egg cream.

egg cream
today, my first brooklyn egg cream. i'm thinking of it as a rite of passage. and surprisingly for a beverage that must have the most unappetizing name known to man, it was actually pretty good. guzzled down with a grilled cheese and good company at brooklyn farmacy, it completed a perfect lunch.
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