two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Consider your cutting boards.

Last Sunday, after going to the grocery store, James and I wandered into a local kitchen shop to browse.

As we wandered among the shelves crammed with every useful and preposterous kitchen implement you can imagine, we came across a stack of whisper thin cutting boards. Well. We've been using the same awkwardly shaped and warped cutting board for the last seven years. As is wont to happen in a moment of weekendly weakness, I began stroking the svelte boards longingly.

We squabbled briefly over the size of the board we should get, then "compromised" and got one in the medium size, as I proposed. It's big enough so that the butternut squash won't fall tumbling to the floor, but small enough to balance on our tiny countertop and slide seamlessly into our cabinet. It's not the prettiest thing on the planet, but it's practical for the space we have. And storing ten tiny cutting boards in a tiny apartment is a lot harder than storing one regular-sized one.

The packaging on the board touts that the board is made from recycled FSC wood, which is lovely sounding, and I've been coming up with excuses for chopping things since coming home. Alas, this morning I did a bit of due diligence before squawking too loudly about my new found love and I've read a few disconcerting reports of a formaldehyde-based resin, so I've written a note to the manufacturer and am hoping to hear back soon.

Buying stuff is hard. Any favorite cutting boards out there?
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