my week in objects (mostly).

1. these bloomers.bloomies
{given with love by a dear friend who happens to read a few make-believe tea leaves}.

2. this glass bottle.
{because drinking from a pretty glass bottle increases my water intake by about four times. this one originally housed fancy sparkles}.

3. this mint.
{and the oregano and the tarragon. but mostly the mint because it perked right up}.

4. these 'socks.'
{because i've been using them to help break in my wedding shoes all week, despite the fact that the french tourist standing next to me during my purchase described them as a bit mémère. harumph}.

5. this white pen.
{because it helped me write about a million place cards}.

other things:
summer comfort food.
wedding lips. headed here, here, and here to investigate.
this story.
these kind words about our tiny apartment.
i'm desperate for a bathing suit.
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