coffee, lately.

cold brew
i'm not a coffee snob. i admit, there are things i can be snobbish about, but coffee isn't one of them. the number of bodega coffees i consumed on morning commutes to my last job should tell you this. still, i recognize a delicious cup of coffee. rich and nuanced and something you can smack your lips at.

lately, we've been guzzling cold brewed coffee made at home. if you've not already been schooled on the delights of cold brew by your local suspendered and bearded barista, let me explain the process as understood and executed by yours truly.*

1. put typical number of heaping spoonfuls of roughly ground coffee into your trusty french press
2. fill up with cold water and cover, but don't plunge the mesh filter
3. refrigerate overnight
4. in the morning, plunge that filter, pour that coffee, top off with simple syrup (one part sugar, one part water, boiled, simmered and cooled).

perfect for the steamy mornings we've been having lately and one more reason to retire that drip coffee maker taking up all your kitchen counter space.

*if you wanna get really intimate with iced coffee brewing, check out this class.
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