< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

limit your grooming supplies.

jessie wrote last week with a question about how we handle our bathroom storage, so i decided i would indulge, heinous photograph and all.

i really wish that what i had to show you was prettier. getting to use this toothpaste regularly, for example, would help things. if someone could start a contact solution company a la common good, that'd be perfect, and prettier packaging on floss wouldn't hurt either (bring back the tins)! but painfully, not ever square inch of my life is yet perfectly polished, and so, here they are, our motley crew of bathroom supplies.

here's the thing about bathroom storage solutions: it's hard to write universally about them.  in every bathroom that we've lived in, we've had to work around different challenges. in some apartments there have been bathroom mirrors with shelves tucked inside, in others we've nearly ripped the mirror off the wall searching for them. there have been towel hooks and no towel hooks, shower heads that accomodated a shower caddy, and others where the thing slid right off. there have been tubs with corners for stashing conditioner, and tubs of the clawfoot variety, where bottles slipped out and over when we were fool hardy enough to attempt a balancing act. in all of these places, i've found the number one most useful tip is to simply limit what we need to store. (watch this film about single-use plastic and you'll start mourning every shampoo bottle you've ever purchased, promise).

but seriously.  some people have bathrooms that more nearly resemble the local duane reade. i say, choose your shampoo carefully and stick with it 'til it's empty. if you're up for it, try your hand at solid shampoo. and please tell me that you're already using bar soap.


in case you've already limited your personal grooming supplies to a jar of baking soda and a good washcloth, and you'd like actual storage solutions for other sorts of bathroom-y things, here are a few other tips that have consistently worked well for us:

1. towel bars on the back of the door. two of them, one toward the top, one toward the middle. towel hooks don't work. also, pretty towels make all the difference.

2. a basket perched on the back of the toilet. it feels a bit '90s, but as long as it doesn't include a stenciled duck, it'll work. thermometers, ibuprofen, extra contacts, band-aids, tampons, shove those in there. neatly, for heaven's sake.

3.  hand towels as bath mats.

4. keeping everyday things (if you're me that's mascara and lip balm and if my skin's lucky, moisturizer) in the same bag you use to travel (i use one of these). i'd rather pop creams and potions into one neat spot than seeing them strewn about. plus, this makes for super speedy packing (and unpacking).


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