summer buggies.

two finished moth sachets
spoonful of herbs
moth sachets filled with herbs and cinnamon

I'm paranoid about my woollies.

There have been too many winters where I've pulled a wool something-or-other out of a closet only to find that it'd been eaten alive in the off-season. Truth is: I'm still sans wool coat after an incident a few years ago when a particularly aggressive moth got its jaws on my go-to winter jacket. I can't even talk about my grandfather's beret.

Determined to rest easy about stowing my winter wools this summer (and knowing that mothballs are simply a non-option for reasons of toxins and odor combined), I embarked on something of a craft project.  And here they are, pint-sized sachets to keep the moths away and keep my closet smelling fresh, too.

The full how-to is on Gardenista. Along with another story about a bug I'm actually quite fond of. Coming soon: finding relief from mosquitos.
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