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The last time that I printed photographs on a regular basis was in high school. I had a small black camera with a strap I'd made from a beaded necklace. I'd load it with whatever film I could find in my parents' pantry and my friends and I would take pictures of our various adventures, or lack thereof. These were pictures of people, not things. When we'd shot the last exposure, we'd pile into a car and bring the evidence to our local pharmacy to get printed. We always got doubles.

In a stroke of luck, I was born a good five years before I needed to worry (mostly) about these photos appearing suddenly on social media streams. I'm grateful that the pouty faces and the prom dates are tucked safely into shoe boxes beneath beds around my hometown and not popping onto my instagram stream. It's not that I don't like social media—or memories—it's just that I don't think my 16-year old self had the discretion that my 29-year old self has.

What I do miss about those photo-printing days is the tangible element. The photos tucked into the inside of lockers or the edge of a mirror. I take ten times the number of photos now that I did then, but I print them almost never. Printic* is a photo printing app that helps make printing possible, quickly. Maybe best of all, they send them off in pretty orange envelopes to recipients of your choice. Photos by post; I like the sound of that.

*Printic generously provided me with the credits to print these images. Words and images are my own; see more here.
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