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Face stuff.

That's the term that I use for all the products that I put–or don't put–on my face.

We've been over this before. I barely use soap on my face, let alone gunk up my skin with other products filled with dubious ingredients.

I wasn't always this way.

In high school I had a fondness for a certain liquid bronzer that would provide an insta-tan and would only cause trouble if there were Algebra Two-related tears, which was often. When that was the case, I was left with bright white streaks down my cheeks. Not a great look.
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Ten years out, I haven't stopped using products altogether, but I've certainly become pickier about what I put on my skin.

There have been enough studies linking dubious chemicals found in cosmetics to cancer for me to swear off the stuff found in the pharmacy forever. And no, just because I used the chemical-filled stuff in high school doesn't mean that I think it's too late to make the change.

Here's the thing: maybe the science is inconclusive, and maybe (ok, surely) there are other environmental factors that can cause cancer, but the fact remains that most cosmetics are filled with chemicals enough to make me pause. My desire to live a long healthy life trumps my vanity.

A few weeks ago, the very sweet Mara from A Blog About Love invited me to an evening devoted to natural beauty. I had the chance to chat with Jessa Blades, a fellow natural beauty devotee and an actual expert on the subject. I interviewed Jessa for a post on Gardenista and you can read what she has to say right here.
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