my week in objects (mostly).

1. these peanuts.
{because they were boiled. i think technically these are from last week. but my weeks have a way of running into each other lately. so there's no telling}.

2. this novel.
{because there's nothing quite so luxurious as reading a novel in the evening after work}.

3. this daytime picnic.
perfect day
{because we managed to find a cool spot on a hot day. and because it meant daytime novel reading. perhaps an even greater luxury than post-work novel reading. the jury's out}.

4 . this dusky picnic.picnic
{because it made up for an unexpectedly long day of work. also, two picnics in one week is mighty nice}.

5. these keys.
{because they don't share the most beautiful spot in the apartment, but they're nice reminders that i carpooled up to the farm twice this week}.
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