squash blossoms: a story.

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soft and rumply and gone before you know it.

and that last bit? that's the best part about eating with the seasons. participating in the fleeting wonder of a tiny moment. the squash blossoms, the knobby heirloom tomatoes, the sugar baby watermelons--we'll have them all again, but in just a few weeks the next time will be a long way off.

james has been working for a farmer who drives down from his place on the hudson river to sell in fort greene. weekly boxes of squash blossoms have been only one of the perks.  we've been eating the blossoms in our salads, sauteed with sweet corn and folded into quesadillas, melted down into fresh summer pasta sauces. we haven't fried them yet. but soon. and then poof. they'll be gone as quickly as they came and we'll be on to enjoying the next best thing.
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