my week in objects (mostly).

1. this coffee.
morning coffee
{and two others like it. because it was made just right. just for me}.

2. this dying flower.
ombre ranunculus
{because it's nice to know there's beauty in decay}.

3. this leather guitar pick.
leather guitar pick
{because in a tiny apartment, it's important that things that get left everywhere are nice to look at, too}

4. these luggage tags.
save the dates
{because they let our friends and family know when we're getting married. we're getting married. in august}.

5. this love letter to brooklyn.
love letter to brooklyn
{because i'm a sucker for love letters, especially on city walls}.

what about you?

postscript: that felt good. if you've been around these leaves for awhile you know this is a series i'd abandoned. there are some things that are not congruous with an hour++ commute to work and back each day, and photographing the mundane details of a week are one of them. but now that i have the chance, i think i'd like to be back at it. it's a series i started back when i first began my blog and i'm not sure if it's tired or played out, but i'm trying hard to remember the reason why i began it in the first place and go with that. gut instincts.

other things:
the women of tend are back at it. glad.
more about the love letter to brooklyn.
lovely photos of a sweet evening i caught the tail end of.
i'd like to dress like this. always.
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