my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this czech postcard.
czech postcard
{because i'm fairly certain it's all about flower language. and that's a sweet thing}.

2. this pile of tickets.
train tickets
{because a good pile of leftover tickets is such a nice reminder of all the places you've been}.

3. these gummy pandas.
gummy pandas
{because ever since i saw czech boys gobbling gummies on the train to vienna, i haven't been able to stop thinking about them. these ones are awesome. apricot green tea}.

4. these trees.
{because stinky though they are, i love the white powder puffs on these bradford pears}.

5. this pile of old shoes.
{because they're springtime shoes, and this week, i was ready for them}.

what little something made your week?

other things:
i thought 250 square feet was small.
this necklace and these t-shirts. all spring long. please.
i'll admit, wooden wedges are intriguing.
take this quiz on food freshness and subzero will donate $1 to really good cause.
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