< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.


store thoughtfully.

we've moved together four times in five years.

in every new space, there's a temptation to rush to the local container store and buy a new solution. the perfect shelf for that perplexing 10" deep closet, or a shoe rack that fits just-so in the wardrobe your landlord lent you.

but if you're anything like us and you haven't exactly found your dream home, it's worth a pause.

right now, we have two beautiful old soda crates hidden in our closet where nobody can see them. they're filled with shoes and towels and it's kind of a shame that they're not getting time in the limelight. but i think of it this way: chances that the perfect solution for one apartment will be perfect in the next are super slim; so i might as well invest in something nice to look at, even if it is hidden for awhile. and in the next apartment? maybe we'll have more than 250 square feet. if that day comes, i'd rather have a beautifully patinaed crate to show off than one of those awful plastic drawer thingys.

{post script. living in new york city means your clogs get really dirty. alas}.
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