my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. these orange peels.
simmering orange peels, etc.
{plus the cloves and cardamom and juniper berries simmering away}.

2. these postcards.
holiday postcard
{because i'm glad i decided to make them. now if only i had ordered enough. if you don't get one it's because i can't do math, not because i don't love you}.

3. this glue.
nori glue
{because it was acid free. which is what i needed. and i already had it}.

4. this white contact paper.
contact paper windowsill
{because we put a strip of white contact paper on our nasty, pitted, unpainted window sill. it's the most ridiculous fix, but it's also kind of amazing}.

5. these french lentils.
{because we're on a major lentil kick lately and french lentils are the prettiest. all grey and green and blue}.

other things:
these words.
my latest favorite twitter feed.
a pine tree dress!
speaking of pining.

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