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Holiday Gift Giving in a Tiny Apartment (or, What a Girl Wants):

Gifts are always a challenge. Of course, there is great joy in gift giving but finding the perfect something for someone or knowing how to steer inquiring minds in the right direction for someone else can be difficult. Knowing what to do with a pile of loot after a holiday comes and goes can send you (okay, me) into a tailspin.

Yesterday I wrote about giving homemade gifts. While I honestly believe that giving handmade comestibles is one of the loveliest gestures anyone can make, I also understand that this isn't always an option. My mom, for one, is never going to be satisfied by baking us a plate full of cookies and sending us on our way on Christmas morning.

Living in a tiny apartment  (and tending toward extreme choosiness...) makes the task even more challenging. People are afraid to burden us with things we don't need or don't have a space for. This summer, America in its entirety was concerned about where James and I would cram our wedding gifts (thank you, Today Show for stoking those flames).

There's no perfect solution to holiday gift giving for tiny apartment dwellers, but here are a few tips, just in case:

1. Tiny things. Believe me, too much tiny is just as bad as too much big, but portable trinkets are welcome indeed. Necklaces? I'll never say no. Bracelets? Ok! Sparkles? Why not?

2. Things you use up. You kind of can't go wrong in this category. Extremely special scented candles? Yes, please. Christmas tea? Right this way.

3. Activities. Anything to have us stretch our legs! Ballet tickets? I'm practically begging at this point.

4. Underwear. Okay. Maybe it's only me, but new skivvies are one of my all-time favorite gifts.  These, thesethis or this. You, too?

ps. wrap up those pressies in old magazine pages. more on that, soon.
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