my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this parchment cover.
parchment cover
{because even though we need to buy replacement lids, parchment works just as well and it's pretty to boot}.

2. this mustache mug.
mustache mug
{because it's hilarious. also, it means tea at my sister's}.

3. this tiny jar.
nutmeg jar
{because i found it stashed in the spice cabinet and it's just the right size for the nutmeg}.

4. this deserted wine box.
craft box
{for giving me a place to store my crafty things. under the couch. clean and neat. thank you, neighbor}.

5. these clear elastics.
{because they make my braids stay in so much better than regular hair elastics. why?}.

other things:
prettiest new things.
easiest merry-maker.
this is lovely. especially read aloud.
these lights. must make pilgrimage.
this cookie map.
this playlist (mostly).

what little something made your week?
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