wrapped up in words.

This year I'm wrapping all of my tiny presents in magazine pages. As you all know, I'm the picture of recycling perfection, so I never have back issues of The New Yorker floating around my tiny apartment...but on this one, rare, never-to-be-repeated occasion, I happened to have a November issue hanging about and so I tore it up and wrapped Christmas pressies.
I like using magazine pages to wrap gifts because the ink doesn't rub off the way it does on newsprint (hint: don't make like us and wrap all of your white dishes in newspaper when you move--we had to scrub everything)Magazine pages are also amazing because they give you the straightest edges. Nothing brings out the perfectionist in me like wrapping presents and magazine pages comply to folding better than any wrapping paper I've met. (Don't even get me started on kraft paper's reluctance to stay put).
If you're wrapping something besides tiny jewelry boxes, you can tape two magazine pages together to get a bigger sheet. Using pretty-colored washi tape means the seams become part of your avant garde design!

And! If you're a careful hunter, you might even find Christmassy-themed pages to incorporate into your design. No matter that the snowy little illo in the top image was meant to evoke life behind the iron curtain. I think even Louis Menand would be proud of this reuse.  (Okay. Maybe something a little lighter in subject would make a better pairing). Tied with a bow and bedecked with red berries, these guys are ready for their spot under the "tree."

PS. If you have a hankering to see more of our tiny apartment decorations, they're up over on Natalie's blog. (And if that doesn't lure you, the world's most adorable toddler-on-Santa's-lap photos just might).
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