< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

dust broom/pan
survival tip #4.

only buy beautiful cleaning supplies.

i'm a pretty deliberating shopper. i'm not exaggerating when i say that almost every purchase i make is one i labor over: where did this come from? how long it travel? who made it? how long will it last? can i afford it? is it sustainable? it can be a little bit overwhelming.

but in a tiny apartment with limited space, the beauty and utility of even everyday cleaning supplies is important. unable to stash ugly plastic brooms or scrub brushes into a pantry or closet, i've become obsessed with slowly finding long-lasting replacements for the plastic-handled accoutrements i've been toting around since college. the sticking point being, of course, that throwing all formerly purchased scrubbers to the landfill only for the sake of beauty is, alas, also not a sustainable solution. the process, therefore, has been slow. and this tip is more of a warning to any readers just starting out: that pink plastic broom might seem like a cheap solution now, but chances are it'll hang around for longer than you want it to.

two of my go-to places to shop for lovely and durable home goods are brook farm general store and the green depot. as it turns out, things that are made to last, are also usually easy on the eyes.*

*if any one has any tip for a beautiful toilet brush: i'm all ears.
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