< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Scrap the tutorial, trust yourself.

At this time of year, organizational tutorials, tips and the tricks, solutions, and repurposing DIYs reach fever pitch. Much of it is encouraging. Much of it misses the point, especially for people living in truly tiny spaces. 

At the risk of coming across as simply mean-spirited--and I do think the internet needs more positivity, not less of it--I must say that projects involving sawing through pvc piping to create a storage solution strike me as both terribly ugly and also unwise.

Forgive me my snobbery, but I think the best solution of all is mere acceptance. A six inch drawer in which you must stack all of your cooking utensils is tiny. No amount of drawer dividers will a) fit in it or b) change that fact. A six-inch drawer cannot fit three different sizes of whisks. It cannot contain 6 assorted wine stoppers along with your grandmother's collection of olive wood spoons. If any of those items are necessary for your well-being, it's time to simply forgo the ice cream scoop (though I'd be tempted to make a different choice). I'm not poo-pooing a good drawer divider and heavens knows that if I had the space, I'd be divvying it up with gusto. But I don't have the space for single-layer spoons, and you might not either.

The number one January organization tip that I have is to ditch the readymade solutions and overlook the over-the-top DIYs and simply think about you and your space. It's not that I don't like a good tutorial--I'd be talking myself out of a job if I really jumped on that bandwagon--but I do think that you know what fits into your own tiny drawer better than any online tutorial does. More than that, if you can't find a way to fit your spoons in your drawer without stacking them, it's because you live in a tiny apartment, not because you're not a organizational maven.

Who's with me?
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