my week in objects (mostly).

1. this little thistle.
{and the others. because they've stayed perky all week long}.

2. this book.
{because it arrived in a care package from france this weekend and i can't get enough of it. so great}.

3. this jar of fancy sugar.fancy sugar
{because i realized i was saving it for something special. and this week felt special enough}.

4. this toilet paper holder.
toilet paper holder
{because it's basically impossible to find a nice holder for your roll. driftwood and twine and two screws later we finally have something serviceable}.

5. this czech postcard.
{because it resurfaced this week and was just the thing to hide a gaping hole in the bathroom wall}.

other things:
this creative and awesome blog.
this thoughtful article.
this film. (we just rented it from netflix).
this documentary, which just got nominated for an oscar. (+ my awesome sister ran the screenings campaign).
currently tempted by this dress. but i never wear green.
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