< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Start fresh, but slowly.

I like January. February? Give me Valentine's Day and take the rest. March? You test my patience. But January, you feel full of promise. There's a chill in the air that's energizing and new candles and soaps procured at Christmas are still working their magic. This year, as in every other, I've gotten myself a brand new weekly planner,  jotted down a few resolutions, and stripped the apartment of most of the wintry things I added in December.

I've left the swag above the mirror for now, and hung up our bedraggled New Years crowns for good measure. No reason to rush things along too much. There are paperwhites shooting upward from glass bottles and a new verbena candle lit and keeping things fresh.

I'm easing into this new year. The next month will be a busy one for me and I'm steeling my nerves and buckling down. No need for huge changes right away, just a resolve to make good things happen.
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