< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Revisiting an old tip and a recurring theme on the coldest day of the year: just don't give a damn.

Things this week are a little topsy-turvy. I'm currently waiting patiently at my apartment for a visit from my mom so that we two can head off together to ogle my brand new nephew, Oliver. He was born on Monday, one month ahead of schedule and the cutest little pink ball of fuzz you ever did see. They'll be lots more to read about that little bundle, but this morning, a few words on bundling adult-sized people.

Please refer to the photo above for a look at the back of our apartment door. I've tried to distract you by focusing in on the little dried thistle, but there's no ignoring the looming black mass. To think I had the nerve to write about dealing with wintertime accessories in October.  It's now nearing the end of January and we've reached new levels of what I've come to refer to as "the great coat takeover." Our coats and mitten and scarves--and if this weather keeps up, then perhaps soon, our BALACLAVAS--are taking up nearly as much square footage in our aparment as our couch. Add to that mess the additional coats of visiting grandparents (otherwise known as Mom and Dad) and the apartment looks more like a sale bin at Burlington Coat Factory than a place for living.

But. Winters in New York are supposed to be cold. This winterphobe needs a sleeping bag* to get through it and that means dealing with the thing on the back of the apartment door. There's nothing to do but grin and bear it and wish they made these and these in adult sizes. Can you get any cuter?

*Psst: I paid almost 3x that price for mine...snatch it.
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