my week in objects (mostly).

1. this old tea strainer.
tea strainer
{because it feels like forever since we've had black tea in the house and this week, i needed those mid-morning (and afternoon) pick-me-ups}.

2. this measuring tape.
measuring tape
{because even though i abandoned it halfway through the project, it was still nice to have. no one's ever accused me of having too much patience}.

3. this fuzzy foot.
rabbit foot fern
{because its on our sweet new fern. it kind of disturbs me, but let's focus on the good stuff}.

4. this scuffed binder.
{because sometimes you still need paper records to be sure of things, and it's keeping mine in order}.

5. this sweatshirt.
{because it was a gray, sweatshirt kind of week. wasn't it? next week needs 100% more color}.

other things:
flying houses.
elizabeth's tranquil space.
on homesteading.
bathroom fancies.
i'd love to make sourdough. {hoping the above note on patience won't stop me}.
i admit: the idea of a hometown idol is kind of fun. go, erin!
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