midsummer magic.

bauer farm-erin boyle for gardenistaplace setting on diagonal-erin boyle for gardenista
chair and apple tree-erin boyle for gardenista
botanical runner and glass-erin boyle for gardenista
It's a good time of year, this one we're in right now. It's not the midsummer of the summer equinox, but the midsummer that means it's the beginning of August and fully half the summer is still before us. The best half, if you ask me. The one with peaches and tomatoes and late afternoon thunderstorms. Let's agree to not wish it away.

I had drinks with two new friends last night. I learned what Mezcal tastes like. I vowed never to drink it again. There were string lights and love stories. Life is good off the internet.

When I was home a few weeks ago, I styled this tabletop for Gardenista. Queen Anne's lace and still green apples and all the pretty things I could round up from my mom and dad's house. I'd love if you took a look at the full story.

I'd love it more if you created a little midsummer tabletop of your own and raised a toast to the idea that summer's not over. Not nearly. Prost!, etc.
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