Every once in a while it's good to disappear. To pull on your coziest fleece, to tie on your sneakers, to escape into the woods or underneath the covers or anywhere that gives you a rest from the sameness of your usual days. If nothing else, disappearing reminds you that your usual days don't really have to be so usual. For the past week, James and I have been exploring the Oregon coast from our perch at my brother-in-law's family beach house. There have been checkers played with beach stones, big pots of fresh tomato sauce on the stove, breathless hikes, and foggy, spruce-filled forests.

If you'd like to follow along, I've been posting instagrams when I've been able to find a signal. If not, I'll be back in this space next week. Refreshed, renewed, and ready to begin again with more breaks for reading good books and beating James at board games.

Cheers to disconnecting.
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