two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

At the risk of being a culturally insensitive boor, let me say that spending some time in a canvas tipi in the middle of the Wallowa Mountains of eastern Oregon has helped me put our tiny place into perspective. With a shower and a tub and sink and toilet mere steps away from a stove and refrigerator, the modern conveniences we enjoy in our apartment are impressive by any measure, regardless of their close proximity. We are spoiled rotten by the comfort of our bed. Not to mention a couch, which is large enough for two even if it does require lacing our legs together pretzel-style to fit comfortably. Have I mentioned the fact that we enjoy four different light switches and their accompanying lights?

I'm not bashing tipis—mobility! firepits! a view of the stars!—but I am saying that even tiny apartments have a lot in the way of comfort that I'd be wise not to take for granted.

What about you? What's the one modern convenience in your apartment that would be hardest for you to live without?
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