< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.


paint your apartment--or ask your landlord to paint it--before you move in.

let me start this off by saying that we have a really nice landlord. he's friendly. he's flexible. this post should not be taken as a criticism against him. nor should it be taken as a criticism against our delightfully mop-haired super.

that being said, our apartment is about 140 different shades of white. beyond the white, the walls are host to a variety of other shades including coffee splatter, scuff mark, and my personal favorite, grease spot. farrow & ball, if you're looking to add any of these gems to your 2013 colour card, call me. i've got some good specimens.

a multi-shaded apartment is nothing new for us. our last apartment didn't just have multiple shades of white, it also had multiple finishes. eggshell sidled up next to semi-gloss which found its way into a fraught relationship with flat finishes painted onto the doors.

we're hoping to undertake a new paint job* this summer. but here's the catch: we're already all moved in. obviously. and in this place, there's no "other room" to shove a couch or dresser. there's also only approximately 8 inches of spare space around our bed and any wall. we're not really sure how we'll pull this one off.

if any of you find yourselves in the position of moving any time soon, take my advice and get the landlord to agree to paint the place before you move in. and by paint i mean all the walls, in the same color. if you do, you'll walk into your new spot and angels will sing.

*we're not painting anything gray. that's just a pint of paint borrowed from a friend for a little picnic basket overhaul.

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