< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment

Set your table for two.

I get a lot of questions about dinner guests in this tiny apartment. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we're hurtling toward that time of year when invitations to people's homes for dinner come fast and furious. I am not complaining. I love this time of year. I wish it lasted straight on through February. Anything to get me through winter.

Enthusiasm for dinner parties aside, dinner guests in our tiny apartment is tricky. It has mostly to do with the lack of counter space and my fear of a sink overflowing its dirty dishes directly onto our guests.

It's not that we've never had people over for dinner, but we've always ordered in sushi, or picked up a pizza. Anything that doesn't require the kitchen table to serve simultaneously as prep station and serving board. There's nothing wrong with those nights, but sometimes it's nice to host something where you actually serve something you've made. I think that instead of trying to have guests for a sit-down dinner, we need to stick to appetizer-y kinds of gatherings where guests can mostly stand. If they're New Yorkers, I'm hoping rush hour subway rides will have at least partially prepared the company (all two of them) for the squeeze.

For seated dinners, I think we'll stick to just the two of us. We have all sorts of lovely table trimmings that need more attention. When your best friend lives in India, you become the proud owner of very beautiful hand-blocked textiles. It's not a rule or anything, but in my case it happens to be true. Only two placemats fit on our table at once and really, it's better this way.  It wouldn't be very polite to ask our guests to please refrain from spilling their food.
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