my week in objects (mostly).

1. this fall-blooming anemone.
japanese anemone
{because it's the prettiest flower on the promenade}.

2. these dilly beans.
dilly beans
{because we devoured two whole jars}.

3. these amber bottles.
amber bottles
{because next week it's remedy-making time}.

4. this coral nymph salvia.
coral nymph anemone
{for finally deciding to bloom again after a summer of green leaves only}.

5. this scarf.
{because it was just what i needed in a pinch and i've worn it ceaselessly since}.

other things:
best DIY of the week.
satomi, my favorite.
this shop, these especially.
brilliant: the american edit.
totally out of character: i need it.

things in other places by me:
dilly beans, the full recipe.
anenomes, explained.
fresh flowers, fed.
hooked on houseplants.
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