two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Purge often.

Pack it up, pack it in, etc.

Believe me when I say you don't have room to hang on to socks without toes or sweatshirts with grease stains ten years in the making. This part you know, but what you might need reminding of, as I do, is the need revisit the purge every few months. It's the start of a new season. Now's your chance.

No doubt during the last purge you decided to hold on to that faded red long-sleeved shirt on the off chance that you'd be called up on to rake leaves or paint a mural and you might need something ratty. Chances are, it's been sitting half-folded in your drawer ever since. Purge.

I understand the temptation to hold on to things. I did a drawer purge this very morning and hand-typed notes from my cousin Mildred remain in the bottom of my underwear drawer because I'm just not ready to see them go. I get it. But ratty t-shirts and unread paperbacks have a limited lifespan in a tiny apartment, and you need to be the one to do the hard work of letting them know their time has come.

Fill up a bag, drop it at a donation center, breathe a little easier.
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