two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Up there? The afternoon shadows that the plants on my windowsill cast onto my apartment wall.

The tip? Fill your tiny apartment with houseplants. Mostly small ones.

My very first apartment tip was to use tiny pots. I still hold to this mostly, but I think it's worth saying that tiny pots are hard to sustain. Plants, like humans, eventually need a little leg room and they're not likely to last very long in very tiny pots, adorable though they are. So I make a compromise and choose small over tiny.

For me the trick is to stash green things in places where they're not in the way but where they can still work hard. A bathroom shelf, a windowsill, suspended from the shower rod...

Lately, I've been drawn to plants that come in soft hues potted up in white pots. Too many colors in a small space and I begin to feel claustrophobic. Instead, I prefer to let the plants themselves shine and to choose a neutral pot to ensure that happens. My latest love? The hardy blue fern.

Tiny Apartment Tips 1-79.
Soft plants, white pots, delivered.
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