home again, home again.

barberry hill, sign
barberry hill, sign
barberry hill, trailer
barberry hill, house
barberry hill, sign
barberry hill, road

My hometown has a way of making you miss her in the fall months.

Over the weekend, James and I were back home for the wedding of one of my oldest friends. We shuffled down familiar roads, kicking up the sort of bright red and orange maple leaves that are entirely absent from fall in our Brooklyn neighborhood. We stood on old sea walls and watched a rising tide while I blathered to James using the first and last names of people he will never know--a small town habit that I've not been able to shake. I'm sad to think how much this place will have suffered in this storm. Ironically, it's the sandy parts I'm most worried about.

Back here in our corner of Brooklyn, things are whipped and worn, but generally still standing. Other corners have not fared so well and the stories are still unfolding. Sending out love and wishes for people to stay tucked in and safe today.

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