our wedding.

fence post & flowers, bailing twine & mason jars.

cedar posts & bottles.

mom & dad.

the spectacular, the genius, the perfectly wonderful, roosevelt dime.

more flowers from the farm.

benches & doilies (teetering on the edge of grandma-dom, but not quite getting there).

hearts a-flutter.

fishing for a wedding band.



my dress, made by the beautiful, the talented, the amazing nayantara banerjee.

liuzzi mozzarella with roasted peaches, grilled onion, pepperonata & chili paste by the inimitable river tavern.

tent & tables

newlyweds & chickens

not posing, just being my usual sassy self.

shoes & shoes.


wedding tattlys.




Someday I will write more about about this day. But I don't know where to begin and I'm afraid to eclipse what really matters. For now, here are too many beautiful photographs of a beautiful day for which I am incredibly grateful. Thank you to Alice for taking them.

And there's also this poem that my sister, Laura, read during our ceremony. I wish I could share all of our wedding readings here, but I'm afraid there were too many (I didn't get the memo that weddings aren't supposed to be literary symposia, and I'm glad of it):

They were in the air on chairs,
the bride and groom, when of course
they needed a table so we lifted

a table, a dishwasher
and our shoulders were strong enough,
a sofa and I began to understand

the demands of Judaism
when we let go and they stayed, decades,
their children balloons

who've risen even higher
O love, that makes us want to live
in the sky with hawks,

the clouds, the pollen, the dust,
the planes, the satellites, the moon,
the clear, the clear, the blue

 - Cultural Studies by Bob Hicok

Special thanks to Kelly and Kingsley Goddard for allowing us to celebrate on their farm; to Jonathan Rapp, Kathy Stephenson and their Farm Dinner team for preparing an exquisite meal; to Alice Gao for capturing it all on camera; and to our friends and families for making a celebration of this magnitude possible in the first place. We are forever grateful. More thank yous, here.
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