my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this sweater.
{because it belongs to james, but i wore it all week}.

2. these ferns.
{because they're still so green in bk bridge park}.

3. this rusty fence.
{and its love affair with the mid-afternoon sun}.

4. this old dodge.
{because it reminds me of the car my dad drove when we were little. affectionately dubbed: the weirdo car}.*

5. echinacea tea.
{because i felt the beginnings of a cold a few times this week but i think i've mostly staved it off. alvita is the best. just echinacea in those bags, nothing else}.

other things:
we're going to see this tonight. empanadas!
slipper season.
cooler weather makes we want a rug. this one.
this print.
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