< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Winter clothes. {Part II in a two part series about winter clothes and tiny apartments. Part I here.}.

Put 'em away, take 'em back out again.

Maybe you've always put away your winter clothes. Maybe you go through the ritual each season-- swapping out linens for woollens, summer for fall. But maybe not. And if that's the case, here's my entreaty.

Though I'm not in the business of taking polls on the subject, I am fairly certain that my wardrobe is fairly modest, comparatively speaking. Number of sweaters? Five. Long-sleeved tees? Four. Pants (jeans included)? Five. And still. These numbers add up. I constantly feel like I'm battling to keep my clothes folded neatly and tucked squarely into my drawers. In a tiny apartment, or in a ginormous house, dressers are only so big. And so, enter the seasonal musical chairs. I was a slow adopter of this rigmarole. As someone who doesn't consider herself to have very many clothes in the first place, and with almost no storage space to speak of, swapping out one half of my wardrobe never seemed like a useful option. Where would I put that other half? But I've managed to make a compromise and it's made all the difference.

We have a large canvas tote with a zipper and twice a year I fill it with what fits: in late spring I stuff it with my bulkiest sweaters and courdouroy pants (along with some of these, just to be safe). As soon as it gets chilly again, in goes my sundresses and bathing suits. Once packed, the canvas tote gets shoved into our hall closet until the seasons roll around again. It's not a wholesale swap, but it's enough to free up some space and keep things neat.  What about you? Are you a seasonal swapper?
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