make-believe: cold weather.

I mentioned on Friday that I was combatting a bit of a cold last week. Well, it got a little worse before it got better, but I think I managed to wipe that sucker out before it did the same to me. It wasn't anything that multiple cups of herbal tea with honey and a hot toddy or two couldn't cure.* It did manage to get me feeling a little guilty about the number of paper tissues I ripped through. In my never-ending quest to reduce our household waste, I've been pondering the switch to handkerchiefs. I promise I won't start stuffing them up my sweater sleeve à la my grandmother, but I was recently in a home where the family had filled a wooden tissue box with pretty hankies instead of tissues and the whole setup was pretty impressive. The only real problems I forsee is amassing (and storing) enough hankies, and being able to get them to the laundromat fast enough that I don't lose my nerve. What do you think? Could you do it? 

*In case I'm not so lucky next time, I'm planning to make a big batch of elderberry syrup to get me through cold season. Are you guys interested in seeing a few herbalism remedies here, too?

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