my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. my desk.
{because it was one of those weeks where i barely left it (see every single photo below). and because i turned i dragged it to face the window every morning}.

2. this little bag.
{and the incredibly lovely necklace that came inside}.

3. this asian pear.
{and the others. james brought a whole sack home from the market. i ate them all}.

4. this fish.
{because i'm a pescatarian when i can find fish that meets my standards. we got to eat my sister's share while she was out of town. delicious}.

5. cookies.
{and milk. i have a soft spot for the mint newman's o's. can't be helped}.

other things:
this jacket.
this guest post.
this tunic.
this round-up.
this film. (worth a watch).

ps. special holiday sponsorship opportunities available through the end of the year. send me a note.
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