lemon and honey.

lemon and honey
Oh, sweet elixir of the gods.

If you've been experiencing any of the persistant sore throat that's been loitering by me for the last few days, there's only one thing to do: boil yourself some water, squeeze in half a lemon and stir in a heaping teaspoon of honey. It's the commonest of remedies for sore throats and still, I have a sneaking suspicion that it gets cast aside in favor of lozenges and bemoaning our collective winter misery. This combo is sunshine in a glass and welcome change from the fire cider I've been swallowing with gusto. Sometimes even the most hardcore herbalist tires of smelling quite so much like a head of garlic.

If you find yourself reaching for a lemon-flavored tea or packet of fizziness, consider giving this a go instead. Lemon zinger, you've got nothing on the real thing.

PS. This honey was made by bees that live way uptown where James teaches.  Turns out the students aren't the only hard working ladies at 116th and Broadway...
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