< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Streamline your music collection. Maybe.

Growing up my parents had a shiny silver stereo system that took up a corner of our dining room. Below it was a cabinet housing their record collection, or what remained of it after an unfortunate incident involving Wyoming in the heat of summer and the trunk of a Honda hatchback. I would sit on the floor of our living room and pull out the collection one by one.  The crown jewel for me was John Fogerty's Centerfield. By the age of three I'm certain I knew precisely the groove where I needed to drop the needle to hear the glorious strains of "Rock and Rock Girl." There were coordinated dance moves and the beginning of a life-long obsession with songs that include a rowdy tambourine beat. Do yourself a favor and listen to this track; the saxophone is pure 80s awesome.

In our own tiny apartment we have a somewhat smaller-scaled operation. In lieu of a record collection that takes up an entire piece of furniture, James and I have gone almost entirely digital. I say this with a certain amount of remorse and no guarantee that when it's time for me to have kids of my own that I won't invest in something more substantial. Call me crazy, but I just can't imagine a childhood that doesn't involve being scolded for dancing too enthusiastically next to a record player.

For now, a Tivoli radio and our ipods are the solution in this tiny apartment. We can connect our ipods right to the radio and the sound is honestly pretty stellar (psst: there's even a wireless bluetooth version now). Our radio was a gift from James's parents, but if you're considering investing in one bit of equipment, I have only good things to say about the Tivoli.

And now I'm curious to know: have you guys gone digital with your music, or are you still toting around your zippered CD cases and brief cases full of cassette tapes?*

*Just in case you're getting the idea that things are perfectly shipshape around here, I'll confess that James still has PILES of bootlegged CDs in a closet in his parents' home. You know, because studio recordings are for phonies.
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