my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. these prints.
{because even though james took them with an inexpensive digital camera about a million moons ago, they look so pretty, printed}.

2. these cheese nubs.
{because they're the best treat going: pieces from the stinky brooklyn remainders bin. best way to try the new and unusual...and stinky}.

3. this bottle opener.
{because james rescued it from behind the stove (again)}.

4. this rose (and all the others).
{because they made for an extra bright spot in a chilly week}.

5. this velvet ribbon.
{because i just can't get enough of velvet ribbon lately and this moss-colored one was just right for a project}.

other things.
loving on my neighborhood.
this sweet post about my space.
dinner with friends.
color for the winter weary.
this fireplace makes me want to move to clinton hill.
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