my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this turmeric and milk.
{my friend janet reminded me of turmeric's healing properties this week and i made a delicious combination of warm milk, turmeric, and honey. move over hot chocolate (okay, not too far over)}.

2. this quince blossom.
{because i used these branches for an upcoming valentine post and the leftovers lasted all week}.

3. this nearly used up candle.
candle bits
{because i've been sticking it on the radiator instead of lighting it, and it still smells so. good}.

4. this sleepy finch.
{for snoozing on the feeder all morning long}.

5. this chocolate pizzelle. pizzelle
{for all these reasons}.

other things:
we just made this again. best blizzard meal.
ground hogs!
old folks + old footage = heart swells.
this is life affirming.
i'd love pore over these.
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