< two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Choose your computers carefully.

As usual, this is less of a tip and more of a conversation starter. As you'll learn, I'm not very good at following my own advice, anyway.

Big ticket items in a small apartment are tricky. It's easy to justify giving away extra mugs, or those beach towels you never use, or 12 dresses you haven't worn in years, but parting with expensive things like furniture and computers (or any screened thing) can be more complicated, or at least more daunting.

When we moved into our tiny apartment just over a year and half ago, we brought with us this rawther large desktop computer. The computer was only a few months old when we moved and I wasn't in the market or the mindset to exchange it for something smaller.

A large desktop computer in a tiny apartment. Well. It's not exactly ideal, but we don't have a TV and it has served us well for catching up on episodes of Downton Abbey and The Goodwife (not to mention my personal favorite, Nashville). Perhaps more importantly, given the amount of time that I spend working at a computer these days (from home),  I haven't quite wrapped my head around the idea of getting rid of the desktop entirely. But to be honest, I've been feeling a little stir-crazy lately and I wonder if it's the ol' desktop that's keeping me down.

You guys all seemed to have clever solutions for your music-listening, show-watching habits last week, so I'm curious to know if you've also downsized your computers in favor of more portable options. Am I the only fool still working on a desktop?*

*NB. TO BENEFACTORS/TRESSES: I'm thinking perhaps I need both: un petit séjour en France would be much more manageable with the addition of a new laptop...

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