two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

How to host a baby in a tiny apartment.

First of all: this post is not be confused with the one-day post of how to have a baby in a tiny apartment. Hold your horses, etc. But as a relatively newly minted aunt, I've had to think a bit about making the old apartment just a touch baby friendly. When babies are tiny things themselves, small apartments don't much matter. But with smiles and laughs and other signs of adorable life, there comes scooting and crawling and a perpetual need to stand up. Ah, mobility.

There's no room for baby corralling equipment within these four walls, so we've needed to be more inventive. Three tips:

1. Provide plenty of "toys."No need to stock the apartment with a set of baby toys: honey sticks, wooden spoons, and rubber spatulas provide whole minutes of distraction.

2. Pad the floor. Woolly blankets spread on the floor make for cozy spots for wriggling and bouncing and otherwise being "on-the-go." Bonus points for being "water" resistant.

3. Embrace the hallway. If bébé gets a little restless, the hallway offers a nice break. Who knew that banisters could be so mesmerizing?

For more bright ideas: Tiny Apartment Survival Tips 1-80.
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