two fifty: life in a tiny apartment.

Choose white sheets.

Not all tiny apartments have tiny sleeping lofts, but some do, and even if yours doesn't, unless you sleep on a futon or a murphy bed, there's no way that your bed doesn't loom large in your space. How's that for double negatives? Keeping your bed neat and tidy goes almost without saying (though of course, I do say it in Tip #24); but a recent switch to white bed sheets has been the real game changer in our tiny nook.

I've been putting off buying new sheets because I hold out hope against hope that one day we might one day soon live in a space large enough to host a queen-sized bed. But now that it's going on 2.5 years in this tiny apartment, I broke down and bought an inexpensive set of whites to serve in the interim.

And, "Ahhhhhh!" The angels are singing.

Background: We started out with a set of bright yellows, but they didn't really match anything else and the bottom sheet ripped down the middle rendering them useless. Then came a set of baby blues. The bottom sheet of this duo turned a mysterious three shades lighter than the top sheet in the wash, and I felt like I was walking into a college boy's dorm room every time I scrambled to the top of the ladder. Not good. Finally, there were dark greys. An apparent run-in with bleach turned those into a set of Halloween-inspired sheets, all flecked in orange. Festive!

So: white. Surely I'll complain about James's drool rings before too long, but for now, white's the clear winner.

What about you? What's dressing your beds lately?

Tiny Apartment Survival Tips #1 - 81.

PS. More on that bit of greenery, right here.
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