tradlands henley
I've worn this shirt every weekend, all weekend, for the past three weeks. It's a shirt for living in. It's thick and sturdy and loose enough under the arms that it doesn't feel constrictive and it doesn't make me sweaty and uncomfortable. But it's not so loose that it's frumpy or boxy. Being able to unbutton the top buttons ups the sex appeal, in case that's something you're after.
tradlands henleyIf I sound fussy about t-shirts, that's because I am. And this one fit the bill.
tradlands henley
I don't regularly post sponsored content, but this shirt is made by a company that I'm proud to align myself with. Based in San Francisco and run by husband and wife team, Jeremy and Sadie, Tradlands is committed to making women's clothing inspired by designs typically found in the men's section. All of their shirts are designed and sewn right in San Francisco. And while I haven't held their line of button-ups in my own hands, I can vouch that the henley they sent my way is pretty near perfect.
tradlands henley
Made from 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton sourced in the USA, the shirt isn't fabric-softener soft, which endeared it to me all the more. It feels like something that will actually last through the wash. And it has.

For the next week, Tradlands has been kind enough to offer Reading My Tea Leaves readers a 15% discount on their orders. Enter the code tealeaves15 when you make your purchase. Xo.

PS. In case it helps, I'm wearing a size XS in these photos.

PPS. James Casey was the patient photographer/huzband.

PPPS. As always, thanks so much for supporting the companies that keep this space afloat (More of them over on that sidebar-->).
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