my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. this returned envelope.
{and many others. because we had mail every day}.

2. this lemon cake.
{because i ate it for breakfast. cake for breakfast every day}.

3. this contact paper.
{because sometimes you simply can't afford to replace the nasty cabinet in your bathroom, and so you line it with fresh white contact paper even if it makes you cringe}.

4. this pretty bowl.
{because i didn't let it wreck my week. it was linden syrup in the making. i neglected it, but mold didn't. the whole thing had to be dumped. win some, lose some. at least i saved some for tea}.

5. this book.
{because you should all go read it, too. then we can chat}.

other things:
these favorite guys, together.
on collecting all that pretty linden.
these dresses were everywhere this week. but that first one really is spectacular.
an important (and speedy) read.
equally important, and touching.
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