on lucky stars and counting blessings.

it happened in a flash. that's the line people use to describe these kinds of things. on friday night, as we were walking home from dinner with friends, james was hit by car. it came from behind us as we crossed atlantic avenue. we had the walk signal. we never saw it. and in an instant i turned to see james on the slick pavement, bleeding.

i've never heard a banshee scream, but i can only imagine that the sounds coming out of my throat were a close approximation. it was a kind of primal rallying call. and rally people did. first, there were our dear and utterly fantastic friends stephen and sara and then a veritable army of onlookers who swept in to offer hugs and stop traffic and hold james's neck still.

james will be fine. he is banged and bruised and missing a patch of his beautiful hair but last night we stamped wedding invitations and watched mad men and everything seemed normal except for a new fierceness: a different kind of love that grows out of suddenly realizing you could lose everything, but you didn't.
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