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gramercy, weeping cherry
Pink spring blossoms again? Well. It's gonna be flowers and sunshine from here on out, so get ready. James and I have decided to officially come out from hibernation along with the trees. We're even on a kick of getting together with nearby friends whom we haven't seen since the weather turned nasty...oh, six months ago. If we haven't raised a glass with you yet, it's coming. Consider yourselves warned.
gramercy, spring
This weekend we made impromptu plans with old & new friends, had brunch with Mildred, ran the usual errands, did the usual housework and generally enjoyed the idea that it wasn't the work week (per se) and there were flowers on the trees.
1 gramercy park
There's nothing like New York in the springtime, and there's nothing like Gramercy for showing off the best the city has to offer. After brunch near Stuy Town, we tooled around the neighborhood, drank too-strong iced coffee, let our noses get a tiny bit sunburned, and pretended like we had keys to the park that we were just deciding not to use.
gramercy, bradford pear
Lately I've been utterly preoccupied with the idea of having our own little outdoor spot to dine (more daydreaming here), so we took advantage of our walk to do some gawking and drooling over other people's spaces.
gramercy, fence
We're just doing our best to soak it all in these days. What about you? What are your weekends looking like lately?

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