my week in objects (mostly).

five little things that made my week.

1. these flower stamps.
flower stamps
{because just look at how many letters i have to write}.

2. these neighborly violets.
{because they remind me of my momma}.

3. this water mark.
grease stain, undone
{because it means i actually got the grease stain out. dish soap}!

4. this pile o' nettles in my smoothie-to-be .nettle leaf{because even though they kinda look like illicit greens, they're not. and they are making my allergies virtually non-existent}.

5. this head scarf.
{because i'm trying, yet again, to wash my hair every other day. and this is necessary by the morning of day two}.

other things:
gabrielle giffords says it all.
the sweetest little craft.
magnolia bugs!
these stripes.
i caved.
leotards and underwear get me every time.

other things by me:
making neighbor friends.
a flowery face mask.
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